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Hello All ,  I am using ‘Email with template module ‘ trying to send the email without using the template , using the java  action and sending the email .  But in my email body , whenever i am adding some information . In received email all information is in the same line . It is not taking , new line , paragraph etc.  Do i need to write the email body in html format ? How i can convert string into html format ?
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Not sure how your proces is;

  1. a user types a text which is send by email
  2. In a microflow a text is constructed, which is send by email


In case of 1.

Download the CKEditor and use that widget as input for the user

Case 2

Create a string variable, where you will construct the message using the right HTML tags.

If you are not familiar with HTML I have a trick;

  1. Create a entity with one attribute, string unlimited
  2. create a page where you can edit a single object of your new entity
  3. Allow an admin to access the page and entity acces
  4. Add in that page the CKEditor
  5. Run the app, login as admin
  6. Go to the page, enter the text you want.
  7. On the top left of the editor, you can open the modus where you can view the HTML text.
  8. Copy paste






Yes, the email body should indeed be written in HTML, as most of the email clients will use the HTMLBody.