Excel Exporter for CSV - Data is getting exported with quotes

Hi All, I am trying to use Excel Exporter module to export CSV data. I see that Column values(String) are getting exported with Double quotes. Ex: "Value1”,"Value2” Is there any mechanism where we can remove these quotes in the export? I did tried the flat file export module. problem here is the export setting we need to make every time in all environments manually. It doesnot have import and export templates functionality. So trying to see Excel Importer module. But I am stuck with this double quotes. Any work around for this? Thanks and regards, Nirmal Kumar
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This appears to be hardcoded functionality in the Excel Exporter module.

If you felt comfortable changing Java code, you could fork the module, change the default quote character from the constant to an empty character, and see if that gives you the functionality you require.


Alternatively, you could put a request in the ideas forum to make this functionality configurable.


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I just noticed this tread because I had the same problem.


Change the reference of CSVWriter.DEFAULT_QUOTE_CHARACTER to CSVWriter.NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER to completely remove all quotes.

Source: http://opencsv.sourceforge.net/apidocs/com/opencsv/ICSVWriter.html#NO_QUOTE_CHARACTER