Are there any plans to make the Administration module available for Mx9?

The current version in the App Store is created in Mx8. Trying to download into Mx9.2.0 gives a warning that the module should be opened in 8.12.0 – 8.18.99 first before we can use it in Mx9.
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Until it is updated by the developers, you may try one thing which I have done for some other modules

  1. Create a project in latest stable release of version 8.*
  2. Download this module there
  3. Upgrade that project to your desired 9.* version
  4. Now export the module from upgraded project
  5. Import this exported module from 9.* version to your original project where you want to use it


Sometimes changes to jar files versions are required, or some changes to deprecated actions usage in the code. But that’s not much complex. I have got some modules working this way. 
For JAR files, it gives compile errors and you can identify the files from it and try updating their versions. Do backup original ones