Publishing Marketplace content

Hi. As part of a recent custom demo I’ve created an integration with a sanctions checking API which I thought would be useful to share with the Mendix community.  I’ve built this as a separate module and have also created some example pages where you can test the API, but you would most likely be using your own pages when using the API within your apps. I’ve read through However the question I have to the community is what’s your preferred way / best practice of publishing an integration service that also has example pages of how to use the integration service?  1 – Publish as a Marketplace module with the example pages including in a separate folder within the module 2 – Publish as an Marketplace app with two modules, one for the API integration and another module within the app with the example pages 3 – Publish just the API integration as a module and also publish a sample app with the example pages which use the API integration module Option 1 looks like the preferred way to use Marketplace based on the content I’ve used myself, but option 3 seems cleaner.  I’m interested to understand how the community members prefer to consume content on Marketplace as this will be the first content I’ve published.
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I would do a combination of 1 and 3. Do have (excluded) example pages and have a complete sample project. Depends a bit on how hard the API is to configure. If it is simple only do option 3. Do make use of snippets so that the module can easily be incorporated in the market place user projects.