403 forbidden error on sending web push notifications

Hi guys, we use the web push notifications module in a project to show incoming calls from a telephone server. This works brilliantly, however after a couple of days usage the module starts logging 403 forbidden errors and it doesn't work anymore for all the users. When we delete the subscriptions and the user renews his subscription to the notifcations, it works again. Any ideas what's causing this and better how to solve this? This documentation does not give me any clear answers: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Push_API Thanks for your help!    
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Hi Serge

When you receive a HTTP 403 response, it means that the authentication is successful, yet your called system does not allow you any further. It’s an authorization issue from the telephone server you’re trying to call, I believe. Or you had to indeed update the credentials with new ones – as you described yourself.

If the issue no longer persists, I believe updating the subscription did the trick. How long does this subscription stand? Can you get more information from your telephone server?

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