ExcelImporter: Error thrown at end of table

Hi all, I am using ExcelImporter to import a dataset. One column of the import table contains an ‘x’ as a (primitive) way to set a flag, and I want to translate this into a boolean, so I made a microflow to parse the values. This all worked fine and well until the Importer got to the end of the table, where I got an error thrown: ”Boolean member can not be set to null” After some research, I believe this happens because the ExcelImporter wants to create a new object from an empty row (as the row after the last data row in an excel sheet is empty and it reaches the very last row without any errors) and a boolean can only be empty if it is a member of an object which is empty. Correct me if I am wrong with this interpretation! I am currently trying to modify the “IVK_ImportTemplateDocument”-Microflow to ignore this specific error and not rollback the database. I thought I should share this with the community to either get corrected in my assumption or point out that error.
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It could indeed be the issue the logic tries to parse that row without data. Did you try making sure there is no data in the rows below your data by using control shift delete? If you have put the mouse in one of these rows or clicked enter there, the import logic will ‘see’ it as a used row hence tries to parse it.