DeepLink not working

Hello, need help configuring deeplink. I think i did everything in the documentation but I’m not sure if i’ve missed something cause it’s working, it says “page can’t be found”
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Have you created Deeplink microflow in the NV_Home page and checking whether it’s deeplink or not?

And if it’s not deeplink, have you configured respected landing page ?

In the default home page, you need to create one microflow. Have you done that?


Did you set the startup after correctly? If your app is running and you set the security, it seems that your Startdeeplink microflow is not called.

Please check the documentation here:

The /link/ path needs to be added as a request handler in your application. This will be covered when you add the DeepLink.Startdeeplink microflow to the startup microflow of your app.


This is late but putting it out there. Almost every time I have an issue with a deeplink not firing, its because of the HOME PAGE setup.  I set the default home to a microflow. This microflow needs to have user entity access applied and ALL users types need to have access INCLUDING anon. The first step in the MF is to check if there is a deeplink being called. If so , the microflow simply ends, else it goes to whatever logic to chose the home page. 


Creating a deep link URL in Mendix involves several steps:

  1. First, you will need to create a new Microflow in Mendix that will handle the deep link. This Microflow should take a single input parameter, which will be the unique identifier for the content that the deep link should open.

  2. Next, you will need to create a new entity in Mendix that will store the deep link information. This entity should have at least two attributes: one to store the unique identifier (e.g. a GUID or an integer), and one to store the deep link URL.

  3. In the Microflow that you created in step 1, you will need to retrieve the deep link information from the entity you created in step 2. This can be done by using a Retrieve action, where you filter the entity by the unique identifier input parameter.

  4. Once you have retrieved the deep link information, you can then use a Redirect action to redirect the user to the deep link URL.

  5. Finally, you will need to create a new page in Mendix that will be used to generate the deep link URL. This page should have a single input field where the user can enter the unique identifier for the content they want to open. When the user submits the form, the Microflow you created in step 1 should be triggered and the user will be redirected to the deep link URL.