Packages of type Theme are not supported

Hi, I’ve just created a module for our company styling and uploaded it to our private market place. However, when I want to download the module from the appstore in a different app, I get the error:    Both the theme module and the new app are created in the same Mendix version (9.3). What could cause this problem?   Edit: Now I see that I also get this error for other theme modules. Should I have uploaded it under UI resources to be able to use it in Mx 9+?
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I just tried with UI resources and it works as expected. 



Hi Kevin,

I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago with a LayOut i downloaded from the appstore.

The tip that Mendix gave me at the time was that i needed to open the LayOut in a new, empty project en move all the folders of your existing project into the empty project with the new Layout.

Not really the answer i was looking for because it costs some extra time, but in the end it worked. I hope this will solve your problem! :)


Hi Kevin

Have you found solution?

I have exact same situation and I don’t know what to do. 


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