Forgot Password Module

Hello everybody,  I am trying to make a forgotten password and create user functionality for my app using the already available module in the store. I’ve read the documentation, and for testing purposes, I made it possible to create an account with Gmail. If I debug it, it stops at GenerateUIDandURL when it tries to create a URL. If anyone knows why this might happen, or someone implemented these functionality lately, I would love to have a short chat.    Sincerely from a Mendix starter
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Hi Aljaz,

I have tested it on my side and all works as supposed to. Things to check:

- Have you imported the dependencies for the ForgotPassword module. Pls make sure these modules are imported:


- If you followed the configuration as is stated in the readme of the module and it still errors, then you can add error handling to the java action ‘GenerateURL’ so you can get some more information on why the java action can not be executed.