How can I create an entity based on imported excel file?

I’m trying to create an entity based on imported excel file by using Excel Importer. I followed the document of the Excel importer and imported excel file, but I’m not sure how to create an entity based on that. (I even don’t know where the excel file has been imported to...) The document explains only how to import Excel files. If someone knows about this, please give me some advise!
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hi can i create entity on the existing app?


  1. Import ExcelImport & MxModelReflection modules from Mendix marketplace
  2. Create domain model  (Non Persistable) as per the importing excel sheet columns, data relations and maintain associations accordingly. And also create ExcelImportFile object and generalize with system.FileDocument and maintain associations accordingly.
  3. And the create your excel import template based on the Excel columns and process the file and store data in Persistable objects as per the requirement.


For further steps you can follow this ExcelImport