Excel Importer: How to import hyperlinks instead of text

Hello Mendix users! I am attempting to use the marketplace module, Excel Importer, to bring in  a mass amount of data. The module has been helpful, but I do have hyperlinks in some cells that I would like to grab the URL. Is there a way to import this URL using the module? The module is currently mapping this cell as the displayed string: “Click Here”. I am aware that I can write a VBA code to clean the data to just include the URL, but this would make an unwanted step in the workflow. URL to the module: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/72 Picture of the hyperlink cell: 
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As far as I know, there isn’t an inbuilt feature in excel importer that would allow you to grab the URL. As you mentioned you could write your own code to have the file in the format that would work.

Alternatively, you could change the way in which the file is already generated so that instead of Click here you get a URL.

Another possibility which could be more difficult would be to write your own java code to read the file and modify the contents to retrieve the URL from the cell.