Automatic login with OIDC marketplace login using Microsoft SSO

We're using the OIDC marketplace plugin with Microsoft SSO for Single Sign On in our Mendix app. We would love to have an URL to send users to which will automatically forward the user to the Authorization URL that is provided by the microflow GetAuthorizationURL. As far as we can tell, the plugin doesn't support this behavior, so we're looking for pointers how to set this up. Can you please advise how to get this up and going?
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You have a couple of options.

  • If you want the main URL of the app to automatically send you through the SSO process when you’re not logged in, then you can put OIDC.Snip_Login_Automatic on your anonymous user’s home page.


If you want a specific URL, the easiest way to do it would be to:

  1. create a new page for the anonymous user
  2. drop OIDC.Snip_Login_Automatic on the page
  3. in the page properties, use the URL property of the page to set a specific url


There’s also a possibility to expose a REST service at a specific URL, wherein you would get the authorization URL, and redirect the user (just like the flow at the end of the microflow OIDC.webCallback)