Generate column dynamically(multiple columns for multiple associated objects) in excel export

Hi Team,   I have one scenario where I want to export the excel. We have machinetrain and machines entities associated with it. Also exception is another entity which is associated with machines. But it is possible that one machine can have more than one exception. I have attached column headers to just show how its expected. Highlighted 4 exception columns will repeat till we have number of exceptions associated with machine.   How can I implement it? Any advice would be really helpful. Can I achieve it using excel exporter ?     Thank you.
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Some possible options:

  1. Instead of having them as columns repeating when you’ve more than one exception – you could just have them once but include the other exceptions as additional rows
  2. If there is a hard requirement of having them as columns – then you’d have to write your java action to achieve this. You could take reference from the already app store modules – excel importer/exporter and community commons. Though this might be more time consuming.

I’m not sure if there is already a marketplace module to get what you really need to do without custom java action. But it is worth checking once.

Hope it helps