Allow users to import data from excel file

Hi, I have a Order entity which contains the item details for each user. The user can enter the items one by one as below:  It is possible that user might want to add a large number of items to this list. So, I want to give users the option to import the item data from an excel file. I am trying to use the Excel Importer module for this and going through this documentation, I have already created an import template. But I am not sure how to use this template to enable the users to upload item details from an excel file. How can I use this template to allow the users to upload data from excel file? Is there any documentation that I can refer to for this? Thanks
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Hi Shardul,

Once you setup the excel template. You can navigate to the Import files tab – here you can choose the template and add the file with the data which can be imported as defined in your template. This usually is for a developer/administrator only

Of course, if you need your users to do this, I’d recommend to add a microflow which will fetch the required template and similar to how you upload the excel file in the Import files tab – give the end user to upload the data in the same format.

 You could additionally give them an option to download the template structure so that they add data in the required format only.

Hope this helps!