Why does Atlas UI not use the naming conventions

Hi there, I just noticed that AtlasUI does not use the naming conventions as described here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/general/dev-best-practices#3-5-other-document-types Is there a good reason, that Atlas UI is not using the LAY_ prefix for their layouts? (similar thing with all microflows in Administration module) regards, Fabian
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About the AtlasUI_Resources, maybe an excuse is that it is probably old than the definition of the naming standards and they saw (see) no point in updating their module. With the big step to Atlas_Core, one might expect the naming conventions to be taken into account. Alas, no. Rene has a valid point that UX designers are no Mendix developers, yet I don’t agree that that should be a reason not to stick to the naming convention.

On the good side: they do stick to A naming convention. So this seems easily solved by Mendix taking the UX’ers convention and make it their own. See if they accept this:

About the administration module, This module is full of architectural errors. Not sticking to the naming convention is one them. One of the many reasons why you should not use that module and why several Mendix partners have created their own.


Honest answer?

Because mendix UX designers and developers aren't Mendix developers and thinking from UX/design perspective.