Email module delivery

Hi, In our application we are using the emailtemplate module in combination with sendinblue  as our mailing server. We have the issue that our automatic sent out emails get marked as spam quite fast by most mail providers. We use deeplinks to let external customers perform actions in our application. When these mails are marked as spam, the deeplinks do not work until they  move the mail from spam to inbox and refresh  their client. Communicating to all our customers to modify their mailing server settings to allow our mails is a bit cumbersome.   How could we tackle this issue from our end to guarantuee the continuity of our processes?   Thanks
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This sounds like it’s an issue with your customers mail providers rather than your Mendix app. Mendix is sending the email to SendInBlue, which is in turn sending it to the customer, where their mail provider is marking it as spam.

Are you using things like a genuine email addresses in the from field, the customers details in the body of the email, no “spammy” text? If you can get the customer to interact with your email once, it less likely to be marked as spam in the future.

It’s a bit of dark art, and unfortunately delivery is not something you can guarantee.