Document Management Solution on Mendix platform

Hi All, Would like to know if anyone has attempted or created a document management solution in Mendix platform.  If yes, could you please provide me some references?
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Can you elaborate on what do mean by document management solution? Are you referring to a dropbox, MS drive type solution or a knowledge article type solution like confluence docs.

If you are looking to create something like dropbox you would need 

  1. Some way to detect the file being uploaded.
    1. See Mendix Marketplace - File Type Checker – checks MIME type of a file.
    2. Mendix Marketplace - File Dropper   – creates a drop zone to drop a file.
  2. version control the files being uploaded. I couldn’t find a widget but you can create a custom logic with MFs. 
  3. Next is the question of where these files are stored? Is it some NFS or perhaps AWS or DropBox. You can probably find widgets or APIs for them.


If you are looking to create a confluence document type solution then you will find these widgets useful

  1. Mendix Marketplace - CKEditor For Mendix – Provides you a WYSIWYG editor.
  2. You might also want to rate your articles, for this you can use the native rating app.


If you want to add document approval flows that is also easily done in both the cases with MFs or you can try the new workflow available in Mendix 9  – Workflows - Studio 9 Guide | Mendix Documentation

Hope that helps :)