Delete Flat File Importer logs periodically

Hi all, I’m currently using FlatFile Importer( in a project. Is there a way to periodically delete the logs in the FlatFile Importer? I'm happy with the log outputs, but I want to delete them after a certain period of time, because the log accumulates in the DB(flatfileinterface$log) indefinitely. If it is possible to control it from the FlatFile Importer settings, would you share the idea?   Thank you all in advance, Regards, Yuki
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I would just create a scheduled event with a microflow that deletes all record older then a certain period. Just create  a date time variable and use the addweeks, adddays or admonths to adjust the date and then retrieve all those older records. And you might want to use the custom retrieve to retrieve an x amount delete those and if the count of the list is the same as the amount (meaning there are probably more records) jump back to the retrieve to get the second group. If the amount you retrieve is lower then you now there are no longer records to delete.