Google Analytics widget not sending data

  Hi,   We're trying to use the Google Analytics widget and we've implemented the Master Page Tracker and some Page Trackers, however, we don't have a UA_ code, only a Google Tag Manager code. We suspect this is the reason Google Analytics isn't receiving any data. Do more people experience this issue (Mx 9.6.4)? 
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Hi Yordee,

I agree that not adding a UA-code in the widgets is probably the cause. Not sure if this has to do with your studio version.

If you are only using Tag Manager and not Analytics you can use a custom javascript snippet to send your data from pages or a javascript action from your nanoflow. I managed to do this in the past.

In the below link you can find an example of the js code for your page/flow and the code you have to add to your index first.

See also:

btw, there are great extentions ‘Datalayer Checker’ or ‘Dataslayer’ for your browser to check and test the data is being sent in your browser console.