Problem implementing SSO

Hello, I am trying to implement SSO (Single Sign-On) in my project using mx model reflrection, saml and Mendix SSO. When i try to compile it shows me an error with Java. This error does not occur when i try the same in a new project, and it works fine. I am using Mendix Studio Pro 8.18.16, thanks.
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This looks like the application has been opened in Eclipse, VS Code, or another Java IDE. 

You have an error saying you have the wrong version, and that means the application has been compiled with a more recent version of Java than Mendix can use. This usually happens if an IDE has been used to open the project and it has auto build enabled.

The solution is to firstly disable the auto build / compile option in your IDE. Then clean your deployment directory in Studio Pro and try to build the project again. This should clean out the wrongly compiled files.

Good luck