Importing dates with ExcelImporter Module

I am trying to import dates with a specific format ‘yyyyMMdd’, but the module is not interpreting the string correctly and changing its value. I have set the date columns like the screenshot below: My parse microflow is as follows (includes debug execution that demonstrates the problem): The return value for this microflow is parseDateTimeUTC($DateString, 'yyyyMMdd'). In the specific example in the screenshot of the microflow, the module is reading ‘20220301’ (March 1st, 2022) from the document and interpreting that into a string with the value ‘+57261-08-23 19:00:00’. This is not working because, naturally, the string that is parsed is not a valid date nor is it in the expected format. Any suggestions?
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Hi Ryan,


You can use a microflow to parse the datetime value. Something like this:

If you configure this microflow in your import template as a parse microflow for that attribute it will import the value as a datetime attribute.

Be careful with datetimes to check if you need UTC or local time.

PS: off course the check in the decision split is not empty instead of empty.