DeepLink.OCh_Name no longer exist (used in ForgotPassword)

I have imported the forgot password module and trying to include its dependency ‘DeepLink’. However I am getting the following error:   Should I just remove the relevant usage? I tried to remove the DeepLink.OCh_Name and DeepLink.IncludeGetParameters. The above errors are gone, but it brings a lot more other errors... 
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Hi Yue,
 I'm not sure as I'm not working with this module, but maybe you can find the reason for this error in the documentation. Because here the module may need an entity or parameter that belongs to your own app. Or if this module has a dependency, it needs  you to download that module first. I hope this helps .

For more info :




The latest version(s) of the Deeplink module indeed does not have the Och_Name microflow and IncludeGetParameters attribute available anymore.

Looks like the ForgotPassword module needs to be updated by Mendix to be able to work with the current Deeplink module.

Or you could try to see if you can use version 6.1.0 of the deeplink module (not recommended).


Hello there,

I faced the same thing so I did the following:

download the Deeplink 6.1.0 then copy Och_Name to any other place in your project, Now Re-download the latest version of Deeplink. Cut and Past Och_Name Microflow to /Implementation/Microflows/

Add the missing attribute: “IncludeGetParameters”

I hope that would help.