Refresh page widget got issue and not refreshed after executing Workflow Task

Hi All, In currently we are working on Mendix 9.6.0 version of workflow based project. We are getting the issues in 'Refresh page' widgets, it was not refreshed after executing our 'Workflow Task', As of now we manually refresh the page means, we got the desired output of updated 'Taskcount' values. Meanwhile we tried to use 'refresh in client' option for our entity level, but it also not helps. Could you please support for this kind of issues, Is any other possibilities are available? Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.
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One way to achieve this is to create a datasource microflow, that will be triggered once the context of the page is refreshed. This way you can do a “taskcount” and return the value

An other option is by using the customstring widget and return the taskcount as a string and show this on the page. You can do so by creating a datasource microflow and use this to fill the customstring widget.