Export excel during batch process

Hi experts, I’m currently using JXLSer (https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/117034) to download  files. Is it possible to export excel to a certain folder within batch process?     Current use case Users click a button to start downloading, and the file will downloaded to a temporary browser folder.  Developer want a file to be downloaded periodically  without open a browser and click the button.   Thank you in advance, Regards, Yuki
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Hi Yuki Aibe,


Instead of  downloading you can use scheduled event to trigger Email with attachment.




Mr.Yuta Suzuki gave me the answer, Thank you Suzuki-san. Let me share the suggestions with forum users.

For cloud user

Combine this module with storage service - like AWS S3 - might be the solution to your system. There is S3 connector on Mendix AppStore and you can also use S3 drive softwares for windows - like AirLiveDrive -. 


For on-premise user

You can use SMB Connector by fukue-san. https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/109624 And you can also use SCP, SFTP connectors available on the AppStore.