Email Connector Module

Hi, I am implementing the email functionality for sending mails, for this I am using Email Connector Module. I am using gmail smtp server. But I am getting below error: 
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Hi Pradnya,


             You should configure your incoming and outgoing server details and need to login with your account. It all available in Email connector snippet in email module.


Before that you shouldn’t allow to merge any jar when you download the Email connector module and your application shoudn’t have any other email configuration module like Email with templates




Gmail have stopped access for less secure apps, so if you are trying to access Gmail’s SMTP server using a username and password it won’t work unless you are a Google Workspace or Google Cloud Identity customer.

You could look at setting an application password if you still need to connect with a less secure application.

Do you have access to a different SMTP service you could use instead?


I found the issue that was causing my application’s Email Connector setup not to work, maybe this will work for you.

It was a JAR file issue.


The file javax.mail-1.6.0.jar that existed in the userlib was causing problems.


Steps followed:

  1. Locate the JAR file in the project userlib
  2. Remove this file (keep a back-up)
  3. Before running the application clear the deployment directory
  4. Run the application 

That said the JAR file causing this for you may not be the javax.mail-1.6.0.jar file as well. In that case I recommend that a comparison of a new app where the Email Connector module has been imported against the existing application.


Hi Pradnya,


First you have to put the SMTP configuration like SMTP server, port, after that you can send the mail.

If you have company’s test smtp server you can use that or you can use GMAIL smtp to do so.