Excel Import - Read Excel Dates or Convert

Hi there,   The Excel Importer can read in a raw Excel Date correctly as a date, however, if I tell Excel Importer to read in a cell reference of a date, it then returns the serial number instead of the date value.   E.g. In the image above, AdvDate is actually =FormAdvDate, a reference to a date on another sheet, resulting in a value of: 01/07/2021. However, now when Excel Importer reads in this reference-based cell, it instead gets the serial number of 44379, which of course is the number of days between 00/01/1900 and my given date, causing Excel importer to throw an error.   Due to UX requirements, I’m forced to use a cell reference on a hidden sheet, but is there a simple workaround to this?   Solution 1: I’ve built an Excel serial date converter which I can put into a microflow, but I was wondering if there is a simpler way. Just for reference, here is my microflow calculation  
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Since the module has platform support you might want to try a bug report because indeed imho it just should give you the correct date. As a workaround: did you try the option to parse the column with a microflow that converts this value to a correct date time? See documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/modules/excel-importer/#parse-with Because you already know how to transform the value to a correct date.