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Hi, I need help configuering Bootstrap Tooltip widget. I have configured tooltip mode as 'On hover, focus' which is the way I want it. However, whenever I want to click on a link in the tooltip itself (and by so stop hovering) the tooltip disapears. How can I keep the tooltip open while hovering over the tooltip itself?
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Hi Bernards,

you wrap the link which you are clicking and the tooltip in a container and add a class to the container and add a class to the tooltip aswell and make sure to add the tooltip visibility :visible when you hover the container as well in the mean

.con .tool{


and some properties as well related to width of tooltip with that you can hover on your tooltip as well;


or else go in a format of creation of your own tooltip where it is easy in the format of wrapping the tooltip data which you want to show in the hovering container itself and make the tooltip data to position:absolute and other properties aswell for placing your tooltip in a desired position.


hope this helps


Dear Attar,
Thanks for your answer. It is however not yet so clear to me what you mean in the first part. Could you explain a little further? I do not understand what you mean with .con .tool, can you explain? Creating my own tooltip is not feasible at this point. Thanks!