Linking user roles

So I’m setting up my email connector and I’m stuck on what to do about the third task: “Link User Roles in app Security to ensure that the configuration page displays when you locally run the app.”   Does this mean I put my app in production? Please help
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You don't have to put your app in production, but you should put the security level to production.


You have roles on multiple levels in your application:


User roles. These are the roles you give to your users (think: Functional admin, user, etc.)

Each of these application roles has a number of module roles. For instance, the functional admin might have an admin role in the UserManagement module, but only a “readonly” role in one of the technical modules. 


What you're being asked to do here is to go to your application security, open the relevant user role and give it the correct module role in the e-mail connector module: