mollie payment

HI All,            Im creating a local food app I started integrating Mollie gateway in the app.I have some questions: 1.Can I use Mollie gateway from local? 2.I created the mollie account,use the API key(from mollie (website)in the mollie module. 3.Now what I need to do next  (Follow the configuration manual/documentation for setting up the Deep Link module (setup the AfterStartup-microflow, use DEEPLINK_Payment_ShowRedirect for the deeplink and set up the Payment_CallCreatePayment microflow with the GetApplicationUrl action from the Community Commons Function Library).  Duplicate or extract the content from the setup pages step 3 & 4 and include this into your application to configure and test the Mollie module. ) What I need to do for the above steps.   Please if any one work on the above module pls provide the steps.   Thanks in advance  
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