Use sFTPs instead of SFTP Module

Hi fellow makers,   i stumbled across the following statement within the documentation of the sFTPs module: ‘This module is an updated version of already existing versions in the Mendix AppStore. Due to the fact that other versions are no longer updated and maintained, we've uploaded this version.’   We are currently using the SFTP module and it works fine:   Has somebody already done that module switch? I assume the whole configuration needs to be done again?   Thanks in advance and greetings Max
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I have done the switch – it is easy and doesn’t take much time.  There was an effort some time ago to combine two FTP modules that were in the Marketplace into one module that would be updated moving forward.  I would say if the version you have is working, no need to update it.  Wait until you are doing a Mendix version upgrade before making the transition.

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great idea