Mendix Drag and Drop List Widget Keyboard Interactions

I just downloaded and tested the Mendix Drag and Drop Widget examples in 9.18.0 and 9.6.0 (which is the original version of the example project) It works perfectly with mouse (at least in Chrome). However, the documentation is mentioning that it supports also keyboard interaction. As I don’t see any details in the documentation (and simply pressing arrow up and down alone or with CTRL, SHIFT or others is not doing anything) I wonder if someone knows what keyboard interaction is supported (and maybe how to change it to arrow up/down + CTRL).    
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In a source, I have found this text
"This is a Drag and Drop Region - Press Modifier and D To Pick Up Items. Use Up and Down Arrows to Move Items Higher or Lower or To a new List"


Try to use Ctrl+d to pick up the item.