How to generate documents in Mendix from a template?

Hello everyone, my name is Giovanni and I have been working on the Mendix platform for a short time so I still have some doubts about certain features. I would like to know if there is any way to export PDF documents from the Mendix application so that I can use a template and change only some of the fields in it. For example "Hello, my name is XXX, I am XXX years old and I work at XXX company" where these fields with "XXX" would be changed by attribute information from the database. I am using Appronto's Document Generation, however one of the final configurations is to use a plug-in in Microsoft Word. The problem is that the Word plug-in store is blocked by the company, so while I can't get the release, I need to find another alternative to try to deliver this user story.   Thank you in advance for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.  
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hii Giovanni Pereira,

why you are not using defualt document template for generating pdf in you microflow you can retreive data using xpath for a particular user to you pdf will we generate according to your selected/clicked  user.



Sanjay kushwah