Scheduled tasks in Scheduled Event Manager module - Doesnt get started automatically after restart of server

Currently working on Mendix version 9.6.3. Downloaded the below Schedule Event Manager. Reason for using the below module is that schedule  events can be managed from UI rather than doing a deployment for every change for Scheduled event.      Once we click Schedule for scheduling the task it remains on Initialized State and we need to click on Evaluate after few mins in order to get the schedule task to Start successfully (State: Completed Successful).   The scheduled tasks created from this UI are not started automatically when the server is restarted. Hence we need to call a microflow on startup in order to call the SChedule action. But the problem with SChedule action is it stays in Initialized State until a manual Evaluate is triggered manually after few mins. I am currently calling the microflow Scheduler.MB_ScheduleAction in order to start the microflow on Start up which sets it to Initialized State and we need to manually click on Evaluate after sometime in order for the Start to reach complete State. How to handle this scenario? Is there a way to Start the schedule event automatically  ? Or is there a way to call the evaluate microflow after specified time so that it sets the initialed state to Completed State?    
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