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Hi Experts out there.   Does anyone have more in-depth documentation on how to use the various community commons options when they’re not immediately obvious? For example, what do you put in DeepClone if you want a set of object cloned under a top-level entity and associate the cloned set to the same top-level entity? You’d expect to put $TopLevel in for both source and target, or source say one entity below, and target the one above it? Same for clone? I find the documentation a bit sparse to say the least and am not really looking forward to doing a lot of experimenting with the things I might want to use when a bit more in-depth doc with some examples would enable one to use the options straightaway instead of first having to make an experiment project. Anyone have better and more detailed information available?
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Hey Ron,

I am not sure, that I got your question but,

You can go through this documentation,

And if you want to change the behavior of some of the Java action functions, you can always change the java action as per your accord in eclipse and customize them :)

Hope it helps!