How email activation happen using Deeplink module?

Deeplink in the marketplace does not have clear documentation, Could someone explain how to use it?   Do I need to use another moudles to let user receive email activation link after he entered his registration info?
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Hello Nada,

The Deeplink module only makes sure that you can setup a deep link into your app and handle it if a user accesses that link.

The deep link always has the form {YourAppURL}/link/{YourDeepLinkName}/{Your Parameter}.


Setting up the deep link is pretty straight forward if you follow the documentation of the module


I’m not sure about the details of your use case, but if you want to send that deep link via email to a user, you require the Email Connector module. Then you can construct the string for your deep link in a microflow and pass the token to your email template (c.f. the email connector documentation).