AuditTrail module System.User subclass not allowed

In the documentation is stated that the module does not work for system.user subclasses. I can confirm that the Mendix Studio pro throws an error. What is the reason for this? Security I guess?   What if I want to see creation or deletion of users. I suppose I should write my own events to do this (using the same objects)?
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OK, made it work.


Since the Administration.Account already has a generalization, you can not set the AudittrailSuperClass. However, adding a reference set association to and copy and use the event MFs after changing the input object to Account did the trick.


Hi Wouter,


I didn't try it myself, but can you try Administration.Account (that is a generalization of System.User).


It would have the same purpose, if you don't have logic in the App that create a System.User directly. And that would be possible to see in a XPath query since System.User Entity has Members activated:


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