I am not getting any option to edit the token for the email template module

Hi experts, I am following https://austinmcnicholas.com/blog/2019/2/24/setup-email-in-a-mendix-app-in-10-minutes-or-less-9ya8n to build email functionality in my mendix app. At one stage I have attached the screenshot it is asking to edit the template and go to Token section below but now I am not able to find any token section. The second screenshot is from my app page. If anyone of you are aware of this can you please help me out here please?   SS:1   SS: 2
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Are you using the Email Template or Email Connector module from the Mendix Marketplace? Because since september 2022 the Email Template module is deprecated and replaced by the Email Connector module.


Having said that, on the SNIP_EmailTemplate_NewEdit page from the Email Connector module, it is possible to create new tokens. Please make sure you have the MxModelreflection module imported into your project and make sure the Model reflection has run for the modules that contain the entities you want to use for your tokens. If thats done you can add tokens to your email template. See this screenshot for refererence: