FileDocumentViewer widget (used in Email Connector) as standalone component?

Dear Mendixers, i have a question to the Email Connector or more specific one of the component which is delivered with it, namely the FileDocumentViewer. We often have the need to embedd PDF files in forms, but there is no official widget for this purpose available in the appstore which is “made by Mendix” (we can only use such components for some reasons). Playing around with the Email connector, i’ve seen that the FileDocumentViewer is bundled with it. This does exactly what we need and there is even a link to the market place in the docs, but this link is dead. Searching in the market place does also not give any results nor a search in the forum (only hint is the EmailConnector again). To get it in the project, you need to download from Github and import manually (no good way to do this) or include the EmailConnector in the project (quite ok since my project needs Emails also).   My question is now: Why is this module not available in the Marketplace – has the FileDocumentViewer just forgotten to be uploaded or is it already deprecated?    Thank you Franz
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Hi Franz,


I can’t speak as to why the FileDocumentViewer widget has been removed from the marketplace.  Since then I have been using the universal file viewer marketplace widget however this widget is not published my mendix.


You should be able to make use of the TS PDF Document Viewer as this widget is published by mendix however it has not been updated in over 2 years so it is possible that it may have some issues with the latest version of studio pro.


Hope this helps,