Excel Importer Reference to more than one Entity

Hey there, I try to import an excel list with 4 columns. Each Colum references to the first and to the next one like my domain model:   The excel list onlye have the name of the entitys. So the excel import connect each entity with the project, but i dont know how to setup, that each entity also connect to the next one. I want to set up the excel importet, to create association for eacht entity between projekt and the next one like displayed in the domain model. Anyone an idea?  
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Hi Dominik,

As per my understanding you have an excel file which contains four columns which corresponds to the four attributes of different entities respectively.

As in the Excel Import Configuration we can have one entity as the main configuration object it will be difficult to manage the association and have a direct import , I can suggest below approach :

1) Create a Processing entity with all the attributes matching the columns required for the import.
2) Create a Custom logic for Import where you will first import in this processing entity and then in the same logic use the imported data and map it in the actual entities.
3) Delete all the imported data in the processing entity .

Maybe you can look into working this out with non-persistable entity but not sure about that entirely.

Hope this helps!

Sunit Kumar Dubey


Thank you very much for your help.
The tip with the Processing Entity has helped me.
I solved the rest with custom Java logic.


I created one large input microflow.

in this microflow i check for every row if there is an exisiting entity, when not creat it and connect it. I cant provide the whole microflow for you but there are only simple if else steps