[TOOLTIP] Hover and wrapped text in tooltip

Is it possible to remove the small 'box' when hovering over a value if the value has not yet been assigned?   For example, I have a room and when I hover over the room, if there is someone in the room, the value 'occupied' will appear, if there is no one in the room, no value will appear.     It's just that in case no one is inside, a small 'window' is still displayed, can this be turned off?     Second question, is it possible to display all the text, without it being wrapped in a 'tooltip window'?  It is sufficient for one word to be displayed on one line.    
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Hi Adam,


The problem with the wrapping is that the element above where your tooltip is placed, is too small. The tooltip is rendered with display: inline-block which means it automatically has the width of the parent container:

If you give this parent element more ‘space’, the tooltip will be larger as well.

You can also turn off the word-break functionality. Create a custom tooltip class and set word-break to normal:

.widget-tooltip--custom .widget-tooltip-content {
    word-break: normal;

Note that the widget automatically generates the tooltip and can decide to put the tooltip to the right if there is more space there if you 'force' the tooltip to be larger.


Hope this helps!


If you use a tooltip widget, which uses a class as a pointer, you could put a dynamic class on the field. 


if $object/value != empty

then ‘classfortooltip’

else ‘’