Encrypted value is EMPTY!

I am receiving the “Encrypted value is EMPTY!” warning every time I attempt to register a user account using the ForgotPassword module, and I suspect that this problem is leading to errors which prevent me from making user accounts. I have referred to every other Mendix forum post on this issue and have tried these solutions to no avail: I do have a 32 character string in EncryptionKey and a 16 character string in LegacyEncryptionKey. I have re-entered the password for the SMTP server I have entered the EncryptionKey, EncryptionPrefix, and LegacyEncryptionKey into the configuration as constants. Despite all of this, I am still receiving the “Encrypted value is EMPTY!” warning. Any help on this would be much appreciated!
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What attribute is actually getting passed into the parameter of the Decrypt subflow? 

As an aside, for the Decrypt java action. Set the prefix to empty. The prefix is only needed for encrypting.


This is assuming an actual encrypted value is getting passed into the microflow. If there isnt an encrypted value to decrypt, you would have to check the $emailsettings object again. The EmailAccount object gets used in this case (but named Emailsettings) and that uses the password. Breakpoint the decrypt flow; see if the password going in starts with AES. If so, you have an encrypted password. Then check if it works with the above settings.

If not sure: breakpoint the saving of the emailaccount object and see what happens there.



Hi Raj,


Thanks for asking your question on the forum and adding your additional research. A few notes which might help you:


- You noticed that the EmailSettings object is empty. This is indeed required to send an e-mail. Did you use the Administration snippet provided by the module? When navigating to this snippet/page, you can see that the DS microflow will create the settings object for you. When configured correctly (with the correct SMTP details), you should be able to use it.

- Did you consider migrating to the new Email Connector? The module you're using will be deprecated when moving to Mendix 10. The new module will be supported in a more decent way; https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/120739