$EmailSettings is empty, throwing error for EmailConnector

I have configured the ForgotPassword module according to the instructions, installing all dependencies and setting up the SMTP server. I can send emails from the configuration page, but when I try to sign up an account, I get thrown a “Encrypted value is EMPTY!” warning and then two errors, both of which concern: Failed to send an email to: test@gmail.com an error occured in the SendEmail java action : EC0x023: Email account not found. The full error messages can be found here. Upon investigating, I found that in the process of creating a user account, the microflow SF_CreateAndSendEmail calls on the Decrypt microflow with the parameter $EmailSettings, which is created here: The problem is, the $EmailSettings object is empty, so when the Decrypt microflow is run on it, the “Encrypted value is EMPTY!” warning is thrown, along with the two errors detailed above. My main question is, why is the $EmailSettings object empty? I have configured the SMTP settings correctly, and closely followed the installation instruction for all dependencies. Any and all help would be appreciated, thank you!
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Ive also posted in your previous question: It's an EmailAccount object, named EmailSettings. Breakpoint the creation of your EmailAccount object and see how everything is saved. Then compare that to the XPath used in the EmailAccount retrieve in your picture. The retrieve fails so there is nothing to input further down the line. 

Also see my comment/answer in your previous post.