Mendix Integration with Amazon S3

Is there a way to integrate Mendix with Amazon S3? I have downloaded the Amazon authentication connector and Amazon S3 connector module from the marketplace. I have also created Access key Id and S3 bucket in AWS. I could find this documentation : but where do I setup the runtime settings? I could not find this in the documentation. Is it supposed to be done using a microflow? Please guide with detailed steps.
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I dont think you have to do any configuration as such.


See below microflow i did for getting an object from a S3 bucket.


  1. the easiest thing to do is to get your Static User Credentials created in AWS IAM with proper Policies attached to Get, Put Objects to S3 Bucket
    1. know you bucket name (you need this in your MF)
    2. object name (you need this in your MF)
  2. download and install AWSAuthentication connector and AWSS3Connector in your Studio pro
  3. Create a new microflow like below 
  4. First activity is the GetStaticCredentials Javaaction from the AWSAuthentication module with previously created Static Credentials as params to it
  5. next 2 activities are Create Object activity from entities present in the AWSS3Connector module
    1. AWSS3Connector.Bucket
      1. in this, pass the bucket name as static string to the Name attribute
    2. AWSS3Connector.S3Object
      1. in this pass the object name (with .extension) as static string to the Key attribute
  6. finally call the Get Object Java Action with previously created Credentials and S3Objects

This should do it.


Hope you got the idea of it. This is one such way but this kind of opens the door for you to customise as per your needs.