Drag and drop widget - parent to parent

Hey everyone,   I am using the drag & drop widget from marketplace (Mendix Marketplace - Drag and Drop (Updated)) and in the third example it seems to be possible to drop from one parent to another when they have the same entity and a enum.  Is it somehow possible to drop from a parent to another without having the same entity? I modified the microflow so that they fit to my needs but it doesn’t get called. This is how my structure looks like. I need to drop the employees on the top (parent) to the employees on the buttom, that are basically an association of the shifts. It would also be fine if I could drop the employee to the shift and I would do the rest within the microflow but the widget is not responding at all in both cases. Does anyone have any tips or does the widget simply not fit to my needs?   Thanks in advance :)
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I found out about this section. I still have a lot of erros but this seems to be the way to go ;)