Validation on Checkbox Set Selector for MPC answers (MX - Forms Template)

Hello everyone,   I wanted to share my experience with the Mendix Forms Template that was released two weeks ago. It uses the Checkbox Set Selector widget for multiple choice answers on a page, and ENUM for single choice answers. However, I have encountered an issue with the Checkbox Set Selector for MPC, as it lacks the validation option.   In the Forms Template, there is a Form.Option table where you can add attributes for each MPC question, such as TakenActions and CurrentProblem. Then, you can use the AddOption microflow to populate the answers for each MPC question. The problem arises when both answers for TakenActions and CurrentProblem are stored in the OptionsList and treated as one list. This causes an issue with validation. For example, if you fill in MPC TakenActions on Page 1 but leave MPC CurrentProblem on Page 2 empty, the validation won't work because the OptionList is not empty (as it was filled from MPC on Page 1).   Is handling each question as a separate list the only solution? Are there any other ways to solve this? I would greatly appreciate hearing from the community. The current structure of the Forms Template doesn't allow me to validate MPC questions, and I'm seeking alternative approaches. Images are attached below.    Thank you all in advance.      
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