Is it possible to export data from Mendix into a Sharepoint list?

Hello Mendix community! I’m wondering if there is an integration between Mendix & Sharepoint that allows exporting data into Sharepoint or is the Sharepoint connector only for reading & retrieving data?    Best regards David.S
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Hello David,

You can indeed use the MS Sharepoint module to store files saved in the Mendix app on a Sharepoint drive.


So in order to export your data into Sharepoint, you first need to export the data into a file format like .xlsx or .csv and then save this generated file at your Sharepoint location.

To do so, you could use for example the Excel exporter module for Excel and .csv formats or even the OQL module for .csv, but it really depends on the desired format and other export requirements.


@Johan Flikweert, mostly lists and perhaps documents.