OIDC not working after update to 9.24.1

Hi there, After updating our project to 9.24.1, SSO stopped working on acceptance (locally it still works fine). Here is some more information: After loging in, we return to the login page (so we are in a loop) We see that the webCallback flow is successful We see an active session in Mendix for this user (with the correct roles) We use Azure B2C with id_token We double-checked all constants Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?   Kind regards, Tim  
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Hi Tim,


I was also facing the same issue after upgrading the application to 9.24.0. In this case, I also updated the SSO module to version 3.3.3 and the issue is resolved. So you can also try to update your OIDC module.



Arun Dubey