[3DViewer] Problems with uploading assembly .JT files

I'm trying to upload assembly .JT files using 3DViewer, but it keeps giving me warnings about not being able to read the file out. When I try any other .JT file that I made that isn't an assembly or models that are in this learning path they upload just fine.   Standard .psm file made by Siemens   .JT File that is given in the Build a 3D Model Inspection App learning path a .ASM file example made by Siemens converted to .JT Can anyone explain what went wrong?
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Compatibility: It's possible that the assembly .JT files you are trying to upload have a different format or version that is not fully supported by the 3DViewer. Compatibility issues can arise when different software versions are used to create and read the files. Consider checking if there are any updates available for the 3DViewer or if there are specific requirements for the .JT file format.

File Corruption: Another possibility is that the assembly .JT files themselves might be corrupted or contain errors. Corruption can occur during file transfer or due to software glitches. Try verifying the integrity of the files by opening them with other compatible software or tools. If the files are indeed corrupted, you may need to obtain valid copies or recreate them.

Configuration or Settings: It's worth checking if there are any specific configurations or settings in the 3DViewer that need to be adjusted to properly handle assembly .JT files. Refer to the documentation or user manual of the 3DViewer for any guidelines or recommendations related to file types and configurations.