Sending a Screenshot via Email

Hey everyone,   i have create a drag & drop table filled with data and want to send this to all the users. I already installed and configured the “Email with template” Module and now I am looking for a solution how to send the data. Ideally I would like to take a screenshot of the table because the way how it is presented is very pretty and useful for the user.  I still have the problem that I can’t select other entity as placeholders as the encryption entitys so maybe with that it would be possible to build a new table with information but as there is a lot of data it would be kind of hard.  Do you have any recommendations on how to send a page via email?    Thanks in advance Jorit
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Hi Jorit,


Have you tried using the javascript function print () to take screenshot page?


Print A Page Or Section in Javascript (Simple Examples) (


Hi Jorit Tomala,

           Convert that page into PDF using generate document by using document template, then attach this pdf in email and sent to appropriate users. Refer below document,