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HI Experts,               I have a requirement like  1.For a product generate a bar code. 2.Print the barcode as label and paste on the product. 3.Scan the barcode and retrieve the product values.  I’m using a  Barcode module from app store to generate barcode.In this module with the given text a barcode is generated as a image. So my issue is after barcode is generated is there any print fucntionality module or widget available. And after scanning a barcode how to retrieve the product details.AS we saving the barcode as image and barcode scanner storing the result in string.   Please provide a solution for the above requirement.   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Sabita,


Thanks for asking your question on the forum. I think you already have the required components available. I will try to keep it short;


- You currently have a product with a unique number/identifier. For this number, you will generate a bar code. You need to make sure that you store the generated image with the product (for displaying) together with the unique number (as a string).

- The barcode you created can be used in a default image viewer on any page or print you want. For printing the image, you could use DocumentTemplates, for example.

- You could use the barcode scanner widget from the Marketplace to use the camera of (mobile) device to scan the generated barcode. When processing the result of this scanner, you can use the stored product number to retrieve the correct product.


Link to the scanner:


Hopefully, this helps! 


HI Jeroen


   1.I need to generate barcode from mendix app for products.(using mendix barcode generator)

  1. print the barcode and stick on the product.
  1.  I need to integerate wifi barcode scanner to my mendix app – how to do this?
  2. After integrating I need to scan the products and from the scan code i want to get the product details from mendix.(how to do this??)

My issue is with 3 and 4 steps


Thanks in advance